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Re: Anyone have a TRUE fear of being around society like me?

Once upon an time there was this girl who was out going, so social, asked to dance in a night club and get paid ( I didnt do it!) she became so house-bound, that to open up the front door to get to the letterbox was actually out of control, nah couldnt do it, stayed inside for three weeks.20 years later, ( dont read my relationship thread at the mo ) so 20 odd years later there is a girl who can go out, without fear.
I started to change the way I thought, ie what I was saying to myself, cant do that cant do this, to I CAN do this I can do that, it took all day all night of correcting and reprogramming what I had told myself to believe, cant , cant , cant,....whenever you get panicky stay in the very moment, ie: oh isnt this wonderful , whatever you are doing , tell your brain good things, you are what you think and you are in control of what you put in your mind..whenever a bad thought pops in, stop, and say now why did I just say that to myself, how silly, course I feel fine, infact I feel damned good, its all about what you are saying to yourself
If you think bad thoughts, then its bad ,think good thoughts and with time and I promise you this you can improve your life greatly. Check out Dr wayne Dwyer(dyer) I can never remember last name, anyhow he saved my sanity , by just thinking about the very minute that we live in.Not the past and not the future, but just right now.! It works.
You have social anxiety, every-one does but yours has escalated...
By the way dont think that every one in the market is happy, I couldnt even get there. and the first time I did I left the trolley at the checkout, it was all to much, today I can shop with ease, still a pain in the butt, who wants to hang out at the supermarket, but you know what I mean..wish you well and check out the Dr I recommended.
Best wishes