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Re: Anyone have a TRUE fear of being around society like me?

hiya sweety,

im in almost the exact position as you now, i fear everything and because i dont like outside and people, i see people outside, just doing their own thing being carefree etc, it makes me sooooo mad , soooo resentful. i used to do these things just like them, without giving it a second thought.

i also know how you feel about not knowing what to say to people when you do see them, as since being 20 i have felt detatched, and anxious, where as i didnt before. you feel people dont understand you, and its pointless trying to explain, because you think they wont understand.

on the plus side, i think alot of it is down to confidence, alot of people will say
you HAVE to be positive, and you may glaze over and be thinking but i just CAAAAAANT. well you can. of course you can. you have all the power. never mind being successful in your job and having control over your kids, just get control of yourself and be positive. you have to keep on trying to do your every day things, if you dont have every day things then start organising 1 thing that you could do as an achievement everyday, and this will really boost your confidence.

a good start for you could be speaking to someone in a friendly manner, and keeping your actual thoughts while your talking, realistic! ( i have a problem speaking to people because my mind runs away with me and i automatically start thinking "i can tell they dont really like me, they think im an idiot, they think blah, blah, blah, etc when actually, I CANT READ MINDS, im just paranoid because i have less social skills and confidence than i used to!).

i have been doing this for a few weeks now and i am feeling better already. i hope you can start to change your life. i will keep my fingers crossed for you.

sarah xxx