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Re: Anyone have a TRUE fear of being around society like me?

For the posters who took the time to read what i had to say and give me some advice, thank you.

Your responses do not surprise me. It's really the same thing. It's all about telling yourself to think positive. And yes it is true and that's where it starts but it's not like it's news to me. I've tried it. But i guess life is so weird and complicated because we do have a mind that can think. We are the only creatures that can actually discrimminate, analyze, judge, etc. That is the reason why people get depressed. I think the human thought is the evil of all things.

But anyways, after having read what i said, am i not the most pathetic person you have ever heard of? I mean seriously? I'm an adult that is afraid of being around anyone? And for what reason? Perhaps for the basic reasons i mentioned above in that i have a thinking mind and because i can think i come to the conclusion that i do not like what i see and that is the reason for the my lack of confidence? I would like to think it's that simple but i really do think that a higher being has inflicted this "fear" into my soul just for the heck of it because my mind is completely irrational. Sort of like God and the Devil playing a game on Job. He really had no control over his circumstances and i feel the same way. That is why i'm so bitter and angry. I feel like this fear is completely ingraved into my deepest core of my soul and there is NOTHING that can fix it. Oh well.