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Re: Undiagnosed Symptoms- Anyone have this?

I also have had breathing problems (still have a bit): constant phegm, shortness of breath, fatigue, tightness in chest, asthma-like condition, etc. Tests were, for the most part, normal and I've been to a dozen doctors. Alternative medicine did not help much. I tried to see if it was a fungal infection and it wasn't.

I recently had a Dorn therapist realign my spine and he noticed that I had a tight, red knowt along my thoracic vertebrae and suggested that it could have contributed to my breathing problems as these nerves are connected to the lungs. Later I started going to a chiro and my problems have improved since.

I used to have good weeks alternating with bad weeks, but now, it's been several weeks since feeling better. I am still observing my condition, but it seems like I am on the right track.

On hindsight, I did experience a whiplash several weeks prior to the sidden onset of this condition some 9 months ago. In addition to that, I have a tendency to lug around heavy baskets in supermarkets (too lazy to get a cart) and perhaps that could have affected my thoracics.

So yes, if you are having the same strange feeling of not getting enough air, you might want to see if your back is in order.