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Re: opinions from parents of Asperger's kids

Ugh. Swimming and getting wet in general doesn't go well for me. It's probably my main sensory issue associated with my Asperger's. Even getting a shower is difficult, but swimming's the worst because you have that disgusting chlorinated water, the smell of which makes me gag... I don't know how to swim, and I doubt I'll ever learn. You're very lucky that you know that your son has Asperger's at such a young age. I didn't find out until this February/March, and my 19th birthday's in a couple of weeks. There's been so many wasted years and so many arguments with my mother because neither one of us knew what was wrong. No matter how frustrating raising an Aspie might be, you are fortunate in the aspect that you learned from early on and could start treatment as soon as possible. Good luck, God bless, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
"Not everything that steps out of line, and thus 'abnormal,' must necessarily be 'inferior.'"
-Hans Asperger