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Re: Newbie and Confused/Lost

Thank you both for replying. It seems the hallucinations are history. They happened when my life was in crisis. And I believe a lot of it was due to how bad my anxiety was and not being on medication. But still, for some reason I still feel it would not help if I told psychiatrist. They would only make notes and think of me as being crazy. But I did tell one psychiatrist about a set of hallucination I had b/c I suspected I may be schizophrenic but he never diagnosed it as such and never tried giving me associated meds. I was afraid of being diagnosed with it and wanted to be at the same time. Not sure what that is about but thankfully my life isn't quite as tumultuous and don't have such severe problems anymore. I just hope I can go the rest of my life without having something similar happen to me again.

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