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Re: I have a 31 yr old son with Autism/Aspergers...hope this info helps


You have a secret weapon! (that photographic memory ) Of course you'll do wonderfull in college! Just stay away from the casino's.....heh!

When my son was young - around 10 or so...we discovered he had an incredible ability for calculating calendar dates. As he became more high functioning, he seemed to lose this ability.. Have you changed at all in your abilities?

Also - he is still progressing in his functions. From the age of 25 to present he has included much to his routine so that he is more flexible. As his routines grow - he feels more comfortable. He seems to add new places to visit, new hobbies, he loves to go on driving trips to visit familiy... He still doesn't hang around with "friends" - he hangs out with family - but he loves to go to work functions to try to socialize...