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Re: I have a 31 yr old son with Autism/Aspergers...hope this info helps


Over the decades - I have heard some of the worst advice and gross misinformation from the "Autism networks". Every time a parent would talk about something positive in their childs progress - it seemed that 5 people who claimed to be "experts" would negate the positive

If our children were space shuttles - then I would be concerned about "windows of opportunity"....but the human body is an amazing thing! Our cells grow and divide and replace themselves all of the time. The medical community still has no idea how the brain actually functions - so I can't believe anyone posting on an autism forum could know either! Yet they continue to barrage parents with the most hopeless and frustrating information.

Yes - many children with Autism may never improve. That may be a reality. But I am seeing many parents choosing to go by their instincts with their children's therapy and development and are delightfully surprised!
There is no Bible on Autism! No one can say when or how or why your child will improve. There is no blood test or scan to measure improvement. Just function tests and they may not capture improvement on a bad day. I think my son's progress began with an "interest" (video games) - that interest forced him to concentrate. That concentration allowed other functions to begin in his brain. Eye contact is still hard for him but concentration and dialogue is easy now. His brain is still making connections beause he is expanding his interests and activities.... I'm not a brain surgeon..just a mom.

I thank God I was young and ignorantly confident when my son needed me to be. I just KNEW he would be OK - because I didn't have the so-called sense to know otherwise. I just believed!

Now....How do I recapture that wonderful ignorance for my other life battles?