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living active with pain all over -- fms?

Hello All --

I've been living with an all over body pain for years now and it is creeping up.
Neck, back, deep behind the shoulder blades, spine, legs, hips high and low, hands and feet always hurt, sometimes wake up numb. Like the full length of muscles running the course of the skelaten, now that I think about it

i've lived with it a long time, it seems to get slowly worse, yet I keep functioning. I just do whatever I do, but with pain. A sport/phys ed friend, when I described this, thought it sounded more like fibromyalgia than arthritis.
Since then I began reading. And the vast majority of desciption of fms matches. It is new to think I may just have this thing.

HOwever, the "pressure point" areas named in medical overviews of this condition confuses me. While most are places of are primary places of pain some are not (front chest area is a rare place I don't have pain). Moreover, I can only imagine applied pressure in these hurting areas as feeling good. the idea of ongoing massage in all of these areas sounds like a good thing, like pain relief, not extra pain. So I don't get that "pressure point" part of the testing. If the fms pain is so tender that pressure increases it, then this doesn't fit my pain anymore. and I need to keep looking and learning elsewhere.

I am in pretty good shape. run and work out regularly, though as the pain increases I have to will myself more, to keep getting out there. But for the past year I do better to take a couple advil first. This pain doesn't seem to keep me from staying active, yet staying active doesn't seem to particularly minimize the pain. I have ongoing, slowly growing it seems, pain whether or not I use my muscles and joints so why not use them for all the ways that contributes to well being.

but if it is possible to have less pain, to learn what is the source of the pain, to learn if it is degenerative and how to keep it from become so, or just, if it possible to heal altogether, well that would be nice.

I would welcome feedback. Does this sound like an expression of fms?

shalom, Cam

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