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Re: living active with pain all over -- fms?

Hi Cam

I have just been dxed about 4 or so months ago with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial pain. I have had it for over 20 years and believe me I know how you feel. I was dxed about that time with what was called Ebstein Barr Viral Syndrome which at that was thought to be at least part of the puzzle or cause of what is now called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As stime weht by I got more pain. I have always had the lack of energy but l like you I have been faking it and doing whatever needed to be done. Most of my pain is in my head, shoulders and neck but I also have pains in my lower back and muscles in my arms and legs.

I complained some but found I got very lttle help or sympathey esp at that time when they knew nothing about it or very little. I did alot of reading about it esp from neat groups like this and learned alot. I went first to an endo who took care of my thyroid ( found out I was hypothyroid) and she gave me thyroid meds for that which as I understand sometimes does help the person with many of the symptoms of CFS/FM/CMPS. It might have helped somewhat but after I found that was not taking away all my symptoms I called around for a Rheumatologist. However, let me tel you, if you are looking for dr. and a dx. let your fingers do the talking first before you make the vist. Have your tyroid, arthritis labs, esp done and keep copes of them with your history go show to your endo and rheumy. Some Rheumy's do not bother with us "fibromites". I almost dxed myself with my history and labs. The doc did agree withme. A friends Rheumy who is a very good one does not take people looiking for a dx or help.

DH needs the computer so will get off and stop for now and add later on.You don't need to have all the prressure points at once or at different times. More later. Home some of this helps somewhat. Stress does alot for your body. Mine was in a bad way and that is what starated it.


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