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Re: living active with pain all over -- fms?

P.S. Cam

My DH was in a hurry to get on the computer so I didn't finish what I was writing. You are doing the right thing keeping active. (at least as much as you can anyway). My physical therapistsaid in a way said it was good that I had it for so long and was not dxed, as my body did not shut down, shall we say. I was still at the very busy time in my life where I almost had to choice, pain or not.

I am sure that it did help me to keep as busy as possible. I still try to do so but am trying to slow down a little bit( I am 65). It also helps you to keep from getting depressed which is easy to do if you have all that pain. Do what you enjoy, as much as you can. I enjoy singing, do some volunteer work and did some tap dancing but our dance instructor and our place of practice is having some problems, plus it being sumer time. So have been inactive that way but have been going to our gym with some exercises my therapist gave me and also do the treadmilll (mostly for my osteoporosis) but it is helpful for the whole body as I am sure you know. I readlly dislike exercising per se and when you have pain it is really hard to get motivated. My husband is motivated so I usually go with him and force myself )-: !!

I just started some meds for sleep (gen Klonopin and flexeril at bedime). The doc gave me some darvocet N which I am afraid to take and may ask for something else less powerful. I have a friend who takes Tramadol (Gen Ultram) and it helps her.

Bye for now. Hope some of this helps.

God bless,

Marilyn (Granniluvs8)