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Re: rape?

so, let me get this straight ozzybug. you feel that if the girl has been drinking, it's up to the guy to know this and not persue anything even if the girl says it's OK. if that's the case, at what point do you not have sex with someone, one drink,two,three?? or do we now need to carry around a breath-alyzer and set a limit of say .08? what if your on a date and the girl has a drink or two, is it now that sex with the girl is out of the question because she "MIGHT" be impaired ??

you see, I agree that men should never take advantage of a lady, but, if the girl is sober enough to say yes, then she is sober enough to say no as well, it's her decision. if she gets so drunk she doesn't know what is happening, it's as much her fault as it is his. it's one thing when talking about sex but quite another when the word "rape" is brought into it. you can ruin a persons life just with the simple mention of it.