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Re: What foods are good?


Thank you to both you guys.

I have been trying to eat a banana and another fruit everyday in addition to a glass of Calcium fortified orange juice. I take my prenatal vitamins and extra calcium supplement as well.

I also drink a glass of milk a day, a pack of fruit yoghurt (too much sugars though)...

I eat enough vegetables monday through wednesday coz i get to cook. Remainder of the day, i just cook something simple and fast. I got veggie dip to have raw broccoli and carrots but i hate it... I even got V8 but i never feel like having that either... I try sometimes though coz i know its necessary... Thankfully, i am not nauseous!!! So i can gulp it without gagging...

Thanks for the tips... i didn't know cauliflower was good... I like this thing i make with cauliflower and potatoes... it has onions, tomatoes and Indian spices in it...

Hey Alleycat, what book are you readin?

Thank you again AGemini and Alleycat... I hope i will keep up the good eating habit... Although last weekend i ate a lot of crap... too many birthdays including my hubby's...