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Re: A long time away from Board

Thank you Goldenwings, Blue and Bilig for the welcome back. It means a lot to know there is support within the fibro family.
Bilig. I have been doing some research on the net and with family. There is no history of this DC illness in the family that I can find. I am a moderate, very moderate drinker. I dont smoke. I cannot figure where this came from. It is not very painful. more of an inconvenience, but my GP says that surgery is the only solution as my fingures will continue to turn in and eventually look like a claw. Not a nice thought.
I still suspect a direct connection between fibro and DC. Have you had any success with a "cure" for DC?

On a much brighter note. My eldest daughter is getting married on Thursday of next week. Proud moment.

Goldenwings. My sister had a stent (spelling??) inserted on Tuesday. She is in a lot of pain but the docs are happy with progress.

Thats my update.