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Re: Is anyone familiar with Polymyositis?

Hi first post was misleading. My doctor that diagnosed me had extensive lab results from rheummy I had seen for a few months prior. He is no longer my doctor because he insisted all my problems were due to smoking (I smoke about 1/2 pack per day) and told me his best friend died of lung cancer at 40 y/o. I felt like he should work at a stop smoking clinic. I have had so many docs over the past 15 yeas or so rule out things and just drop me. I do believe I have fibro. RA & lupus were ruled out and I had no inflamation according to bloodwork. I have RA, lupus and Crohns in my family. It just seems that I have followed in my Dad's footsteps as far as physical problems. My old family doc used to kind of blow me off saying "oh, you're just like your dad, take ibuprofen and see what happens". I probably shouldn't worry but my fibro has gotten so much worse in the last several months with treatment for low thyroid that it honetly does scare me. I loose up to 8 days a month now with pain that keeps me from daily activities. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate all input.