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Re: Is anyone familiar with Polymyositis?

Hi AFM2,

Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad you've had the rule-out testing done. So, it is possible your new doc was on the right track.

You say your symptoms have gotten worse w/treatment for low thyroid? Hmmmm, sounds like an endocrine contribution there. There are a couple of possibilities.

Are you following your thyroid test result numbers (getting actual copies of the lab results). And are you confident that the recommended treatment has pushed your free thyroid hormone numbers (free T3 & free T4 ) towards the midpoint of the reference ranges? And did you have thyroid antibody testing done?

Treatment of thyroid issues in fibro is a bit more complex than the simplistic TSH worship most docs have been schooled to engage in ... Inadequate treatment of thryoid problems can make fibro WORSE, esp. if a "teaser" low dose of T4 med is given, just enough to cause feedback to the thryoid to cut back on its own hormone production ... you can end up with net less active thyroid hormone than before.

And then there are adrenal function issues & other hormones (estrogen & testosterone) that interact w/thyroid function.

Best wishes.