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Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!

Thanks for the reply. I have done alot of headway in 24hrs. I found a world renound physican right here in New York City that only treats and does clinical trials for reversal of BE. I have secured an apointment with him next month. I am hopeful that I can be treated and not have to wait and see what happens. Even a 5% chance is too much for me.

I only wish you the best in your quest for answers and help. Take it from me...I'm not out of the woods 100% YET but because I was relentless in my research and left messages everywhere...I was lucky. Never ever just sit by and take a definative answer about a condition (especially from local doctors)because there just may be someone out there who can treat something that everyone says is untreatable. Be very pro-active!!! The internet is invaluable because of this.

Thanks for your massage again. It meant alot to me.

God Bless you!