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Could I have lymes

I recall a tick bite a few years back, but no symptoms of any sort until about 10months ago. Now I suffer from constant dizziness and lightheadedness, a sore stiff neck, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and a large very annoying floater in my right eye, and I have unexplicably gained about 30lbs. I also have high blood pressure which I have never experienced in my life, which is now under control. I feel constant fatigue for no apparent reason and have a difficult time getting through a days work. This has caused me to feel very depressed. I have had extensive bloodwork done, but I don't believe I have had a test for lymes. I have had 2 chest xrays, CT scan of my head, stress test, echocardiogram, ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder. I have also seen an ENT specialist. All tests have come back negative. Does anyone else recognize these symptoms. The most difficult to deal with is the dizziness, lightheadedness and the huge eye floater.

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