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Re: Could I have lymes

Hi Frustrated59 and welcome.

Sure sounds like Lyme to me, but I'm not a doctor.

I have the fatigue and that dizzy/lightheaded/drunk feeling. I also can barely make it through the day.

The best thing you can do is get your blood tested for Lyme and its co-infections. A good lab is Igenex in Palo Alto California.

I had many many tests and scans and more tests that all came back negative and no one could explain my symptoms.

I even had my blood tested for Lyme and a local lab - that came back negative. I have since learned that most labs don't use high quality testing materials. If I had sent my blood to Igenex right off the bat, I'd be better off.

You can go the Igenex web site and order the test kit. Maybe you can take it to your doctor and they can draw your blood and send it in. Its not the cheapest test in the world - but I was so sick and so desperate to find out what was wrong with me -- I didn't care.

Hang in there! There is hope.

Peace and health to you.

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