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Re: scheduled C-Section...What sjould I bring to the Hospital?

some baggy knickers that don't press on the wound, other than this i can't think i was rushed in and my hospital bag was not even packed properly lol. good luck i am sure it will go well. stay relaxed is my advice really there was nothing to worry about with my section just that i wanted ds to be ok long story we were both unwell. the op itself was great not that it was a party lol just i had no problems. oh anothe rpiece of advice when you first cough or sneeze after the op press onto your wound lol otherwise you won't be able to do it as you will be concerened you will split on the wound lol you won't though you will just worry it might. if you have any specific questions post them i will try to help oh and the spinal block did not hurt at all the stuff they wiped my back with was cold that was the only uncomfortable bit. i did not feel the catheter either they put it in after the spinal had taken - the spinal takes straight away i am not sure about an epidural though. do you know which you are having?