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Severe Gas Pains & Diarrhea From Salad, Is This Just Gas?

On both Saturday and Sunday I ate a huge salad from a salad bar. I also ate a lot of blueberries and an oatmeal cookie before bed. All wrong since I am 3 months post gall bladder surgery and there was fat in the salad and I ate way too much. Sunday night I started feeling nauseous, went to bed and woke at 5 a.m. with diarrhea and horrible cramps.The pain is also felt in my upper back so I started getting scared that I have pancreatitis. However, the pain was not that severe as pancreatitis is supposed to be and it wasn't steady nor do I have fever.

Now here it is Tuesday and the pain is still intermittent but my intestines are so sore. When I walk, it hurts. Most of the pain is in the middle of my upper abdomen but my lower is sore to the touch too. I burp so much and just feel miserable, just eating the BRAT diet. I am going to the GI doctor today and hopefully he will take my blood and see if anything is happening other than gastritis. My question is, have any of you had this for days, where yor intestines feel so sore like this? I know there have been threads on gas felt in the back but there may be new people reading this so any feedback would be reassuring. Since I had my gallbladder out, it's been hard on my diegestion...I also take Prevacid daily for reflux. This may have been food poisoning but I never vomited, wish I could have, maybe would've felt better. I used Gas-X and Tums but my stomach still is sore. Does salad do this to anyone else? My pain goes away then comes over my whole stomach like a wave, I am scared.

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