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Re: Anyone Try Mederma for Scars?

Belle: I would have to say that from my own experience and from what I have read about the strips out there (those silicone sheets that are held down by adhesive or tape, etc.) is that, I believe, they work best on "raised scars" not so much on indented scars. I tried the strips on my scar, they did nothing.

The other thing I didn't like about them is that at the time I had to "tape" the small silicone sheet onto my skin. I found that by doing this over and over each day, it made my skin irritated. And if you go out into the sun with skin that has been irritated or scratched makes you more susceptible to the damaging sun.

Belle I am not sure if it was you, but did you mention that you had skin cancer?

If so, Belle, asked your dermatologist before using these products for a numers of reasons - they might make your skin sensitive to the sun, etc.