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Re: Sousou, Yellowrose how are you two?

Hi mum2three,

I am doing great except for my big tummy that is making my feet so big ( all swollen) some heart burn ...but the good news is that the temp are down ( thank God!!) I feel like I will go over my due date ( just like with prev pregn ) it looks like yellowrose is going to go first...don't cry yellowrose..each time I get depressed I think about the people that are in war in the m e , imagine the preg ladies fleeing their houses and no place to give birth,...
I am starting to do big cleaning of the house and freezing some meals..husband got car seat ( finally !!!) but no crib yet, he is saying that he can get it when I am in the hospital.....
I am starting to heve some nightmares about the size of my baby, all this bcz I did not get an u s since I guess 20 or 22 weeks , sometimes I dream that my baby is going to be so big that it will get stuck inside of me.. lol and sometimes that that too small like a little bird....
I keep asking my doctor for an u s but she keep saying that it is not necessary in my case...I 'll see her on thursday
mum2three the good part for you is when you will be having your baby you do not have to suffer with the heat ( good for you !)
wish you the best !!