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Re: scheduled C-Section...What sjould I bring to the Hospital?

I had to go straight from my last dr's appt to the hospital, and DH said he couldn't find my bag when he ran home So all I had with me was my contact solution and glasses (they let me wear my contacts in surgery), deoderant, toothbrush and toothpaste, and baby powder (which was heaven sent since I couldn't get up to take a shower right away. Made me feel not so icky).. I was more than happy just hanging out in the hospital gown. It was very comfortable (i've heard some hospitals aren't that comfy though) and easy when I needed to get up to go potty and breastfeed. I didn't use my boppy at all in the hospital. I used basic makeup... I did bring DS' baby book but wound up not writing anything in it until we had gotten home. I was just glad it was there so they could put stamp his footprint in it. I had DH pick me up a book I was trying to finish.

Also, I have to add on to Weepy's statement about pushing on the incision when you sneeze, cough, etc... My hospital (I've heard others do this to, you should ask) gave me a stomach band. It was AMAZING. It's like a very strong ACE bandage, about a foot wide, with velcro at the end. You wrap it tightly around your stomach and it eleminates the need to push at all on your tummy should you need to for anything. It helped alot with breastfeeding also.

Just wanted to add, most hospitals use the spinal block for just a section. Epi is usually only when you are in labor beforehand and ask for one then... Then they use the same catheter. A spinals effects are alot quicker than an epi's.

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