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Re: Sousou, Yellowrose how are you two?

Yellowrose, I am surprised you are still working!!! The heat has been bad here too. But I am not as far as you two so I won't complain-much... You may go to the doc on Thursday and all these little contractions are progressing you You are so right, so close, not much longer till your bundle is here.
It sounds like you are "nesting", and the carseat is great.LOL The crib isn't that big of deal (to me), as I am hoping for that homemade cradle. I am worried(even at 23 weeks) about the babys size. My first 2 were just right 6 1/2 and 7 lbs. I guess my fears that each child is bigger, and the number of years inbetween births. But I am having the same fear over size. Why won't your OB just do a u/s.Mine has been good about doing whatever to ease my fears. I am glad I won't be delivering in the heat this time.Both my previous were Aug, and Sep.
Good luck you two and keep me posted.

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