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Re: bilij or Anyone.......question about AmbienCR?

Thanks for the responses. Bilij, that is exactly how regular ambien and now the ambien cr works for me. With regular ambien I would wake up and do that drift in and out thing and now with the ambienCr I wake up but go right back to sleep. I'm glad it is working normal for me. It seems the first 2nights I did sleep a little more than normal but this is about 4 nights now and I seem to have leveled off. So far I really like it.

Deena, yes my husband has noticed a snoring problem since the ambienCR. I told him to tell me to roll over but since I am not the most pleasant person if you wake me up he has hesitated to do that. He finally did tell me and I didn't even know it, I just rolled over and kept on sleeping. To those of us who don't sleep that is just sooooooo wonderful.

Suni, I hear you on the empty stomach for the ambien to work. There are times I have to make the choice either to enjoy a dinner out with my daughter and eat late because of her hours or bite the bullet and take extra sleep meds to get to sleep or just wait it out. I usually choose the late dinner, because those special times with my daughter are to precious to pass up. I haven't had that happen since the ambienCR, don't know what I will do probably just wait it out to work since I know I will sleep through the night.

Thanks for the tips and advice. Bilij the prayers are always welcome, braveman has had a little relapse and will be seeing a specialist at the university here. He is suppose to be world renowned for muscle and neurological disorders. That is he will see him if we can get an appointment, his rhuematologist is sending a letter. I have put it all in Gods hands, braveman has made progress on so many fronts that I really can't complain.