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Re: Anyone Try Mederma for Scars?

Originally Posted by Belle2003
Hi FM:

The color of my scar is fine. It is alittle lighter than my normal skin. When I took off the strip on the second day, the scar was even lighter than before. So I quit using them.

The scar is indented. I had basal cell skin cancer on my nose. They did a skin graft, which was riped off when they took off the bandages. So the doctor said to let the wound heal on its own. The skin did grow to practically the level of my healthy skin, but I was left with rough edges around it along with holes from a week of stitches. It is that circle of rough edge/stitches holes that I would like to smooth out.

From a distance you do not notice the scar, but when you are up close (2 feet away) you can definitely see it on the side of my nose. It is about the size of a oblong dime.

I wore 45 spf sunscreen on my face daily for five years before I developed skin cancer twice on my face. I don't bother with it anymore. It only protects you from one kind of ray. I just stay out of the sun. I even read where the sun interacts with the sunscreen changing it to free radicals that cause you to develop skin cancer. I must say it makes you question whether sunscreen is worthless after wearing it daily for 5 years and then getting skin cancer twice in one year on my face.
Belle: I totally understand where you are coming from.

One thing though is that I continue to use the sun screen. I figure it must work if scientists and chemists have tested this stuff over and over in the labs.

You are smart in staying out of the sun. My friend taught me a few years back (while walking) to always walk on the shaded side of the street which I still do. I also wear a wide brimmed hat.

I'm not sure if the sunscreen gave you the skin cancer. I have heard that many skin cancers are just from the accumulation of sun damage over many years.

Again, as far as the scar, I would just ask your doctor what he recommends. I would just be hesitant and very careful about what I would use on that area. I would also keep it out of the sun.

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