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Some advice and oppinions needed

I have been having some health issues for about 2 years now that I cant seem to find an answer for. These symptoms are; dizzyness, lightheadedness, floaters in eyes, fatigue and stiffness in my neck. I have been to an ENT, a neurologist, and my regular doctor and have had an MRI and blood work done to no avail. Someone recently told me that my symptoms match some of the symtoms of Lyme disease although I dont ever recall being bitten by a tick (but I do have a house in the Pocono Mountains). I have a few questions for you guys and girls. The first one is although you cant diagnose someone over a computer, do you think it is possible that I could have Lyme disease? Another is I was planning on making an appointment with my Dr. and ask him if I should have a Lyme titer done, should I make an appointment with him or try and find a LLMD in my area and go to him? The last is if I should just go to an LLMD, does anyone know of one in the NYC/central NJ area or how I go about finding one. Thank you and I look forward to your advice.

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