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Originally Posted by kylesal
Last week I got an MRI done and the neurosurgeon said that I do in fact have a tethered cord and surgery is a must if there is any chance at all to relieve some of the symptoms. He told me that he has only seen 1 other tethered cord in his whole medical career(31 years), and he referred me to go see a good friend of his at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. I am currently enlisted in the amry national guard and I am looking forward to doing that but I dont know now with the tethered cord, I know if I cant go to the army I will be very depressed and ruined. My question is, how guaranteed is this surgery, like will the surgery be able to help cure the side effects and symptoms or are they permanent. I am currently experiencing incontience, frequent urinary tract infections and an enlarged bladder. No pain or discomfort as of yet. Hell I would trade the pain for all the symptoms I am experiencing. If anyone has any advice of what to expect please let me know becuase I am rather nervous about the whole outcome out this surgery. I' not nervous about getting the surgery, just what to expect afterwards...

The surgery is really only a temorary fix. I am 15 years old and I have had three unteatherings. after the surgery it is not that bad i will warn you tho for the first day it is extrmley painfull depending on were the surgry is done. if the surgery is done on your lumbar spine it is not as painfull and you will be up walking within two day. If it is done at the thorasic spine it will be extrmley painfull and you will most likley be up and walking in 2-4 days.
i hope i was able to help.