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Is this Lyme?

Here is my story, I have had a domino effect of symptoms for the past 5 months. I work up one morning in middle december with a huge bite on my neck. My lymph node on my neck was swollen. I went to the Dermatoligist and he looked at it for a second and wrote me a prescription for some type of antibiotic. The bite cleared up, and then one morning in March I woke up with a headache. I have had that headache since. THen i developed muscle twitche, eye floaters,thinning hair, stomach aches. I always had a full head of hair till recently. I have went to the opthomoligist twice, had two dialted pupil tests and that came back normal. I had blood test for general health, that came back perfect. Then i had a CT scan of my head w/wo contrast,that came back normal. This has really been annoying me. Cause I just graduated college and I feel like crap everyday. It really has taken its toll. Could this be lyme or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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