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Re: Periods

Thanks for the kind words,Cruisers. It's good to know that this happens to others. I feel like I've taken out stock in feminine hygiene products just to keep up! I don't have it like this every month,thank God! It seems like if I have a very light month or skip a month or 2,the uterine lining builds up and then all hell breaks loose! I can't take any BCP's and I really don't want to resort to a hysterectomy if I can get through this on my own. I may try the progesterone cream. I know it probably won't control the wild periods,but maybe it may help balance things out. I have a good friend who was having horrible hot flashes for weeks on end. She had been on the pill for the same reason and took herself off because she had bad headaches and her periods completely stopped!(which I wouldn't mind right now). She tried the progesterone cream and said it works great. She hasn't had a hot flash since she started using it. I may try it and see if it might help balance things out. Anyway,good luck coming off the BCP's. Maybe you'll do fine now.