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In the past 3 yrs

I would like some in put as to what might be going on with me. I feel like there is ALWAYS something going on. I'm just sick of (I guess) of being sick.
In the last 3 yrs here is the list of things that I have had, been hospitalized with, or have been diagnosed with. Have been DX with Fibro for about 8 yrs.

2 episodes of Viral meningitis (Jan,and Feb UNHEARD OF) It only hits in July, August, and Sept!!!

2 episodes of diverticulitus
plantar facitis
bone spur foot
bone spur lower back
Interstitial Nephritis of kidneys
hypoglycemia feelings everyday, but negative tests results
achillies tendon lump, large and painful
Small lumps all over body just under skin, painful
Now I am in two wrist braces, and on the 18th I have to have a nerve conductor test to see if it Carpal Tunnel or Nerve inpingment in shoulders.

I know that some of these are related to Fibro, but I guess I am just sick of being sick like I said. I know that the rest of you are sick of being sick too, and in no way am I making light of, nor do I feel that your pain is any less than mine. I would just like some input, theories, or like stories.



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