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Re: Scared to death (long)

I had nothing as serious as what you're describing, and I cant imagine how scary that would be.

With my last pregnancy, I went 2 weeks overdue before the doctor induced me. My son went into distress and had to be resuscitated and then spent over a week in a humidicrib. Im also about 10kg heavier this pregnancy than that one so Im getting a bit scared that things will go wrong with this one too.

I dont know about what you could do about the severe anxiety, but Im choosing to try to plan and maintain as much control as I can for this delivery.

I realise its contravertial, but could you consider a planned c-section? Or even a planned induction? Or at least request closer monitoring?

Try talking your fears through with your doctor and see if you can work out a plan that might give you some control. Sometimes you need to be ruthless and be pushy, you know your body better than anyone else, if you think something is wrong, point it out and if they dont listen seek another opinion.

Good luck