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How do I Get People to Understand Why I Feel This Way???

This may be very confusing but please bear with me. I have a full-time aide at school and when she is sick my mom substitutes for her. Well, my mom may not be able to do this anymore. There is really no one else able to do this except for other aides. One of them was previously my aide whom I have no trouble working with, though she may not be too happy about it.

The other person who may or may not be available to sub I have a major problem with. Three years ago she was forced to help me and all she did was complain and treated me like I had no brain. The incident affected me greatly and to this day I still have a hard time with it. My mom thinks it's no big deal and that I can handle working with this person when she has told people that she wouldn't help me. No administration has dealt with the issue even though everyone knows what went on.

Right now I feel as though no one gets why I'm so upset about this and that no one cares either. I mean, I might not have to deal with this at all, but there is a possibility that I will. How can you work with someone who treats you like crap and won't help you at all??? And no one thinks it's a problem. I wish I didn't have to have an aide at all.

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