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Re: Therapy helped anyone with GAD & Panic attacks?

I think therapy is always worth a shot. That said, I've been through years of all sorts of therapy---everything from CBT (which I believe helps somewhat, it gives you some techniques you can take away and use in real life) to EMDR to group talk therapy and many things inbetween. Everything worked great for a session or two (that's common, one can have a placebo effect not just from medication, but from therapies as well) then didn't seem to have much of an effect. Overall, perhaps I AM better for having had all this therapy and I just don't know it! The most helpful thing for me has been regular and consistent exercise. If you're too anxious to exercise, that can be a problem, but if you're not, get out there and move. There are studies that compare the effectiveness of Zoloft and exercise and the two were about the same.