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Re: Urination Hesitancy - Unknown infection involved - Acute Prostatitis?

Another Bump and update:

Had my x-ray, had a cystoscopy (that was fun). The doctors found nothing obstructing my bladder! ARRGH! His diagnosis was Chronic Prostatitis...not cause he noticed it, just cause he didn't notice anything else!

I asked him if it could be due to bacteria, so he gave me 30 days of levaquin. Here's to hoping that helps

I don't get it. I don't have any pains, chills, fevers, etc. The ONLY symptom I have is urination hesitancy, very difficult to start, and very difficult to finish (dribbles nonstop toward the end).

Is there anything else this could be that has been overlooked?!? If it's prostatitis, why did Flomax and Proscar make urination MORE difficult?!? Could this be some sort of perminent nerve damage???

Any advise? Anybody!?