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Re: Prostatitis Treatment Questions...

Hi there,

First, no it is not OK to take those meds together. The combination of NSAID's and fluoroquinolone antibiotics (like Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox, etc...) is contraindicated in the full prescribing information due to the fact that the NSAID's will exacerbate the deleterious effects that fluoroquinolones have on the central nervous system. Seizures and other unpleasant problems can result.

That said, I now feel the urge to warn you regarding the Levaquin itself. I am 25 years old and was given 20 days of Levaquin 19 months ago. In short, it ruined my life, completely and possibly permanently. It caused severe non-abating damage to every tendon and muscle in my body, nerve damage, severe fatigue, memory loss, depersonalization, and too many other long-term problems to really list here. Side effects from fluoroquinolones can come on months after the drug has been discontinued, and can persist for years or even be permanent.

In my opinion, and given the fact that I've read well over 1,000 stories written by other victims of this class of drugs (some of the stories are too terrible to even comprehend), these drugs should only be prescribed as a last resort in life or death cases. In fact, many of these drugs were approved by the FDA with the caveat that they would only be prescribed when the presence of an infection which is resistant to other antibiotics has been confirmed. Unfortunately, doctors have not been educated as to this fact, nor have most of them been educated about the risks associated with fluoroquinolone use.

If you can, I would highly recommend asking your doctor for a different antibiotic from another class, and if he/she refuses, find yourself a different doctor; any doctor who is willing to negligently put the health of their patient at risk is not worthy of the letters that follow their name. Barring that, I strongly suggest doing some research into what you are planning on putting in your body. There is a lot of information out there.

I wish every single day that someone had told me this a couple of years ago; the pain I suffer with daily is horrific and would have been unimaginable before this happened. In short, I'd still have my life, which is why I take the time now to find others before it's too late.

Please take care.

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