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Shamrock, I am sort of in the same boat as you! I just joined this forum because I wanted to see if I am normal! I cannot go on BCP because of high blood pressure and had an episode a few years ago and dr. said No more BCP. Well I have very heavy periods most months and cannot go out of the house unless I have a super plus tampon and pad on! I also have bad cramps, kind of like childbirth.....Dr. still says everything is fine, just to basically live with it. This came from both my gyn and family doctor. So now I am sitting here with sore breasts, craving salts and a headache. Have had night sweats off and on and mood swing for about a year. I have tried hormones, and I bleed all month so I have to put up with this once a month instead. Hubby is going nuts. I dread next week when I know I am going to start. I'm 50 and ready to stop having periods! Thanks for listening. SD