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Sexual abuse

My husband was raped on several occasions by his cousin from the time he was ten until he was twelve. His cousin is about ten years older than him. My husband told his mother who then told his grandparents and his cousin's mother. Well they confronted the cousin and when it was denied they did nothing about it. This obviously has really caused major problems for my husband. The dilema I now face is my Dh's cousin now has a stepson and a newborn son. I'm worried about those children. Is it my place to say something since I have no proof? My husband has never fully healed because nothing was ever done. Meanwhile all of my husbands family members sit by and say nothing. I know if I do say something I will probably be almost kicked out of my husbands family which I know isn't the big issue. I have no idea how to even go about reporting this kind of thing since it was over eight years ago. Should I report it myself or talk the children's mother or what? Who should I report it to. Can I report it since it's been so long since it occured?

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