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Re: To Induce or Not To Induce...HELP!

i was induced with my both of my children, and had wonderful experiences. it makes a difference weather or not you are favoriable. and since you are already 2 cm., if you are induced, then you will probably go pretty fast. i think that most problems occur when they try to induce someone who is completely closed and not soft. so if your dr. is comfortable with it, and you feel ok. then go for it.
i was ready to get that baby out. with my first, from the time they started pitocen to birth was 7 hours and with my second it was 3 hours. and i was thin and 1 and 2 cm. dialiated. and like i said, i had great experiences.
the previous poster said something about pitocen not letting the uterus contract. i'm not sure about that, because i have seen where they give it to women (even if they haven't been induced) to get their uterus to contract, for example after a c-section. but i may be wrong.
good luck and go with what you feel is right. not what other people think.
if you are against it, then you could try being active, walking, sex, etc.
i think sex is what got things going with number 2.
good luck and take care.