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Do I have Low Estrogen?

I'm 41 years old and have been experiencing irregular bleeding for about 16 months. Had pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds, both normal. It began as heavier longer periods (sometimes with spotting up to 17 days!). Once in a while I get a normal month, in fact had 2 x 28 day cycles in June & July with only light spotting at ovulation. This month everything haywire again, with light spotting before & few days after ovulation, swelling and abdominal pain at ovulation (which I've been getting for years), very sore breasts, then period after 25 days. I also had some gastro upset this month which may or may not be related. I had the worst PMS this month that I can ever remember having with pelic & abdominal cramping, bloating and breast soreness from ovulation up to time of period....this got much better right after it started.
My gyno thinks I'm probably ok and doesn't think its necessary to conduct further tests at this point, but I'm to go see him if I have any concerns. Ideally I'd have a simple endometrial biopsy performed and I'm working on getting that done.
I've been insisting on hormone tests as I'm convinced I'm in mother went through menopause early (though I'm not sure exactly when). The Docs all say I'm definitely no in peri based on the hormone tests...I think they may say something different and am hoping for your help!!
They may read differently to your tests because I live in Australia... all results are in normal reference range except for estrogen...
Reference range for midcycle is 370-1500, for luteal 370-770- pmol/L. Menopausal reference range = less than 100. My first test was taken just after ovulation, my second 2 days before my last period and the readings were 268 & 269 respectively. Both readings below the reference range, but now 3 docs tell me I don't have low estrogen and not in peri????????????
I'm please!

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