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Re: Do I have Low Estrogen?

I don't know if it is low estrogen, but peri is most likely what you have. My fsh levels were in normal range, but likeAngelavan says, it all depends on how your hormones are fluctuating. My gyn says I am in "ovarian failure" i.e. perimenopause despite bloodwork because of the raging (and I mean raging) symptoms. Hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, irregular periods (almost identical to what you describe) etc. My gyn is putting me on a low dose birth control to help. I will start them either this month or next. I may delay the start since I have just had my gallbladder removed and feel like adding a birth control pill to the recovery process may not sit well while my body adjusts to the lack of an organ!

Anyway, Naomih, I hope you can find relief. On the boards a lot of women are so helpful and lots of good information. Some things are natural supplements that can help with the symptoms of peri.

Take care!