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Re: Is partial soft pallet and uvula removal worth it?

Yes. I have severe sleep apnea, that we are attempting to control with a CPAP machine. Using the CPAP has helped reduce my episodes from 60 in an hour to 2 in an hour. However, whenever I have a sinus infection... which has been 7-9 months out of the year, I have difficulty sleeping with or without the mask. I am hoping that the T&A, and sinus window insertion will help my sleep apnea by allowing the CPAP to do its job properly and prevent chronic sinusitus.
Thank you for the suggestion, I recommend all try the CPAP before surgery. I am perfectly happy to use my CPAP for the ret of my life. My husband also sleeps on a CPAP, we adjusted much quicker than our 3 yr old son.... who would come and wake us up by covering the mask air holes and saying take those bad things off. Now my son helps us by telling us it is bedtime and we must sleep on our machines. It was amazing to wake up after sleeping through the night, you have energy and can be a much nicer person. I used to wake up at least once an hour... now I don't wake up until my son jumps on me in the morning.
Sincerely, MG