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Re: Do I have Low Estrogen?

Thank you so much for your replies. I am so confused about what's going on with me. The new tummy problems are scaring me good. At the same time my period goes back to 27-28 day normal cycles, my tummy started getting bad. Thought I had some relief during the first 2 days of my period, but now I have a gurgly gassy tummy again...the tummy's been funny for over a month now and I"m holding out on invasive tests (I've had many serious drug reactions in the past). A year ago I had heavy bleeding during my periods, last 3 have been back to normal bleeding. I know that I've had at least 1 serious hot flash about 4 months ago, though at the time I thought it was a stress reaction!!...but shortly after I read about hot flashes on the web & knew that was what I had. Really hot face, neck & shoulders while talking on phone on work call...I remember feeling very frightened (not knowing why I had heated up like that) but telling myself not to worry cause it had happened before (though I can't specifically remember when before). It only lasted about 1 minute, but my face was pink that night! The gynos who say I'm definitely not peri haven't explained to me why that might happen if I'm not peri??
Unfortunately my mother passed away last year from ovarian cancer, so I can't ask her these questions..
Does anyone get sharp pelvic pains that go away fairly quickly, then happen somewhere else in pelvic region?
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