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Re: Do I have Low Estrogen?

Thanks for your reply Ang. I became familiar with C125 when my mother was sick & I had them run it (at my request) a few months was normal. They also had a good look at my ovaries during pelvic & abdominal ultrsounds...all look normal.
I will miss my mother alot too. Ovarian cancer is awful....unfortunately she only lived for 6 months after diagnosis...the doctors & hospital messed up bad with was caught really late, they kept telling her it was probably stress causing her symptoms and didn't run any of the correct tests. Then they messed up bad with her treatment...I'm still very upset about it.
Anyhow, I too will make sure they keep a good eye on my ovaries...we're also possibly at higher risk for breast & colon cancer and will ensure I'm monitored.
Thanks again,