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Re: measuring small...should I worry?

Hi, this happened to me at my last appt. I was measuring 30 cm even though I was 32 wks. My dr. said that you can measure small when you have stronger ab muscles bc they tend to hold the uterus in tighter, or if you don't have alot of extra body fat. She wasn't worried bc my u/s have all measured the baby to be a week or more ahead (my ds & dd were 9 lbs. & 8lbs. 2 oz. a week early) Your dr. is prob. ordering an u/s just to make sure everything checks out ok (amniotic fluid, etc) I've gained 30+ lbs. but I am tall and was thin to begin with (5'8" 118lbs. pre preg.) and she wasn't concerned about my measuring small. Hope this helps