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Re: Money issues

I have to agree... it's time to really put your foot down.

This seems to be one of those situations you hear about where husbands (and sometimes wives) do a completely 180 after getting married. As if there's no maintenance required! As this is not the case, I would say it's time to give him a very big reminder.

Tell him you're not going to pay for his car insurance anymore, so if he ends up uninsured it's his own problem. You may want to tell him you both need to return to your counsellor to discuss this, because his behavior is going to send you on the fast track to bitterness and possibly... well... divorce! I know I wouldn't put up with that kind of treatment for long.

It's not longer 100% "mine" or "his" or "hers" - you're married and financial obligation is a SHARED thing. That he is trying to make things 50/50 when he makes twice is much is just rude! As a husband he should be trying to ensure things are fair and you're both satisfied - I highly doubt you'd expect the same of him were the roles reversed and you were making more.

Sit him down, tell him you're growing strong resentments, and if he didn't want to be an equal partner - heart, head, and MONEY - then he shouldn't have taken those vows. Because he's not being caring, he's not being thoughtful, and he's not taking care of you.