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Re: Numbness in feet?

hi loretta,
have you been tested for neuroposy as well? ive had fibro for many many years, but it wasnt till about mid may that i started having problems with both feet. they hurt so very bad and felt tingling and numbness as well. i was diagnosed with neuroposy, and have another appt with him in early sept. now my ring finger on my left hand is hurting so bad and has been for over a month now straight, but thats not all, there is tingling and has been numb on one side of the finger, top tip area, its been numb straight thru. it hasnt gone away and feels very weird. Hurts like HECK on the inside, but the outside part is numb. im wondering now if i have neuroposy in my finger. yes , please suggest that you get tested for diabetes as well, since diabetics ,like my mom, suffer with alot of neuroposy problems, especially in the feet.