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Re: i feel so thick

im getting really frustrated. i havnt managed to get an answer from anyone apart from that ignorant person who has posted an inappropraite post. i actually want to know what was said in it so i can have my opinion. just for the record if it has anything to do wit making excuses for myself-i am not one of these people. if i wanted an excuse i would have bin down at the docotrs ages ago demanding meds for ADD and telling the world that nothing is my fault cos i have ADD! i thought these boards were for asking for advice, i realise it looks suspicious that ive just got my results and havnt done as well as i wanted too but that is not the reason.ive had this for ages but am a stubborn person. im going to the docs for depression now because im starting a new part of life(UNI possibly or sumwer else) and im sick of only living my life half to the full and in secret-i have posted on several boards before and several people suggested i get checked for ADD. i am not diagnosing myself or on a quest to have ADD-i just want to know thats all.

so please, if anyone has any decent appropriate advice please share it with me. thanx xox