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Re: i need advice she said she wants her own space for now

You can read my post, i am going through the same thing as you but have been married for 10 yrs. The best advise i can give you is for you to let her go (even though YOU are not letting her go cause she is going to go anyway, she doesnt need your permission). She may have some "loose ends" that need to be taken care of before she can commit herself to you totally.She may even do some things you wont approve of while she has "her space" and that may be why she is telling you she needs it. It may be hard but if you dont give her the respect to give her the "space" she needs she will only resent you. If she really loves you she will love you even more for the consideration and the time she needs. Show her you trust her, that may be what she needs, by not asking her what she was doing, she might tell you. Remember women are mysterious, beautiful creatures and you may not always understand what or why they do what they do. If she does tell you what she was doing and you dont approve only you can decide what you can forgive and if you do decide to forgive you must leave it at that and never bring it up again. If there is true love, trust and understanding between the two of you, you will have a stronger relationship when she is done. If you dont have those things you never had a relationship to begin with, only what you thought looked like one.Dont forget to take time for yourself while she is taking time for herself. This is what i am learning through my experiance and advise is all i can give you.

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